Anything For You – Part 3


Anything For You – Part 3

Hey dear, how are you doing? I hope everything is good. Here’s the third and final part of the series Anything For You, and this part is about a m mother’s love. Hope you all like this too.

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Anything For You – Part 3


“No way. Tell me what it is.” He said firmly.
“I have been posted in Aligarh city. You know that it takes about an hour at least to reach there.” She

“Yes. So what?” He asked.

How can I travel in this condition? I am 6 months pregnant. And after 3 months how will the new born be able to undergo the situation?” She said.

He was still and expressionless, knowing nothing about what to do next.

“So what next?” He asked.

“I don’t know. I am not able to think anything now. After a year you’ve been able to set up your institute here. This is not our personal property so that we can sell it and shift there. Travelling daily isn’t any option.” She said.

“Listen, let’s go to sleep. Will think about it later on. Don’t worry. We will find a solution. Come and take rest.” He said and took her to the bed.

They woke up next morning with the same question, what to do now? They didn’t talked about it and kept doing their routine works. In the evening when he came back, he sat beside her and said, “Look madam, it was my father in law’s dream that you get into a government job. You must fulfil that, after all you’ve worked so hard all your life just for that.”

“But…” She was about to speak but he stopped her.

“Let me finish first. Fulfil your duty as a daughter. Then do whatever you wish to do as a mother.” He said.

She kept quiet.

“Is it okay madam?” He asked.
“Yeah.” She said with a smile.

A week later her joining letter arrived. They both went to the school on the joining date and time and she, after years of hard work, was finally a government employee. Her eyes went wet as she remembered her father. She played the daughter’s role brilliantly, but now it was a mother’s turn.

He was waiting for her decision calmly. He knew that whatever she’ll decide, will be good for his family. He believed her.

He used to drop her to school in the morning and she came back by bus in the afternoon. That was their routine for 2 month, and after that she went on her maternity leave.

On the 2nd of April, they got blessed with a boy. Their family was complete now. They were both happy. He distributed sweets in the whole locality. He was on Cloud Nine. They named the boy Arjun.
3 weeks post Arjun’s birth, she was absolutely fine, and she started thinking about her job. She discussed it with some people and everyone said that a government job isn’t easy to get, so don’t resign. But no one was able to answer question, ‘Who will take care of the new born?’ Samrat’s brother, brother’s wife, his uncle, and uncle’s family, all lived in the same house, yet no one said that they would take care of Arjun. So many relatives, but not a single family member.
She was worried about Arjun. She knew that it was not possible for Samrat to take care of Arjun, as he had to take his classes. But who else would take care of him.

One fine evening, she said, “I’ve decided. I’m resigning.”

Samrat looked at her calmly, smiled and asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” she said, “I can’t run after money and let my kid be like any other. I believe you. You will provide us with enough so as to live happily. And I’ll help you at your institute. We’ll grow it.”

Looking towards Arjun she said, “I’ll make my kid special. I’ll give him good education and moral values. He’ll be successful in future and will earn more than this.”
“As you say madam.” He said as he smiled and hugged both of them.

This is what a mother’s love is. She will sacrifice everything for you and yet act like its nothing.
For her, sacrificing her career isn’t a big deal, as she will look for her happiness in her child’s
successful career. She can do anything to make her child happy and successful. A mother’s
sacrifice is no small thing, and a mother’s love has no equal.


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