And This is what is called Love – 2


And This is what is called Love – 2

Hey guys, I’m back with the second part of the much loved story, talking about true love. Hope you all like it too.
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“And he explained about that girl so beautifully that I can’t even say. Dude he is damn serious I’m telling you. Look he came.” he said pointing me as I entered the class.

“What?” I asked.

“He’s telling me about the love of your life.” said Iyer.

“What? Who?” I asked, having no idea what was being discussed.

“That girl. Your friend. Your best friend.” Iyer said.

“Ohh.. okay.” I said.

“Who? Who is she Sharma ji?” Iyer asked.

“Bol.. ab bol na….” Eddy said mimicking a video.

“A friend.” I said calmly.

“This bastard is making me mad now.” Eddy said angrily.

“Eddy told me that she’s a friend. But does the friend have a name?” Iyer asked.

“Sorry I can’t tell you her name.” I said.

“What the fuck! Why?” Iyer asked.

“I don’t want anyone to know about this. I’ve already told you what was more than enough.” I said with a smile.

“What’ll happen if you’ll tell us her name?” Eddy asked.

“You two are douchebags. Pieces of shits.” I said with a smile, “If I tell you you her name you two will again do something which will fuck me up. So keep quite.”

” Acha okay, not her name, but at least give us some clue.” Iyer said.

“Bro. Neither you look nor you’re smart. So fuck off.” I said and we three started laughing.

“But bro, at least something.” Iyer said after we finished laughing.

“Hmm..” I said as I gave that a thought, “Okay. But please don’t do anything which will fuck me up again.”

“Hahaha.. sure sure. Tell me.” Iyer said.

“Bro, she’s magic. The girl is truly magic. She understands me more than myself. A complete family girl she is. She can do anything for her family. The way she handles her personal life, her family and her career is absolutely unbelievable. Honestly, she’s my inspiration.
She is what she is. She never tries to pretends to be the person she isn’t. Anyone can know her true self and that is lovely. She’s never rude to anyone. Always kind, polite and calm. No matter how you treat her, you’ll always get a warm and polite reply. No matter what the situation is she always wears a smile on her face. And that smile, bro that damned smile, has the power to hypnotise you. It’s addictive and I’m addicted to it.
You know she gets excited at times and act childish. Getting happy and excited over small things and behaving like a kid sometimes makes me fall in love with her more and more.
Yes, I love her. I fell in love with her for all these things and everyday I fall in love with her more and more because of all these things. She’s my love. She’s my life.” I said.

“What the fuck.” Iyer said with his eyes wide open. I looked at him amazed.
“How come you.. who’s she dude?” Iyer said.

“A friend. A best friend.” Eddy said.

“Exactly.” I replied.

“I beg after you Sharmaji, please tell her name.” Iyer said.

“What’ll you do? I told you that I don’t want to tell her all this. All she’ll say is that I’m over-acting. And this can ruin our beautiful relationship too. So I don’t want my words to reach her.” I said.

“But..” Eddy said.

“No.” Iyer interrupted, “I respect your feelings Sharmaji. But hats off to you.”

We stood up, hugged, and went to eat something. After all, food is life.


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