And This is What is called Love


And This is What is called Love


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And This Is What Is Called Love

“Why don’t you ever get into a relationship?” asked Eddy. Eddy and I are best buddies for almost 4 years now. We’ve shared many magical moments together, created some ever lasting memories. He knows almost everything about me, as he thinks :p .

“Relationships aren’t meant for me dude.”

“Oh god! At least try. Don’t fall so seriously, but at least once.” said my idiotic bestie.

“It isn’t a game fucker.” I said.

“You’ve told me about your crushes. Haven’t you fallen in love with someone.” Eddy asked.

I kept quiet. May be I wanted to avoid the question. I didn’t uttered a word.

“Oye bhosdike..”(Hey Mofo) came the magical reply for my silence, “bhokh bhi le ab”(Bark up!).

“What should I say now.” I said laughing.

“Answer to my question.” he said.

“Well. I’ve.” I said.

“Behennnnchoddddd…”(Oh Damnnnnnnnn!!!) he said, “who’s she?”

“A girl.” I said.

“Waah bhosdike waah.” (Well said fucker) said Eddy.

“She is my friend. In fact she is my best friend.” I said.

“Do I know her?” he asked.

“May be, or may be not. But I can’t tell you who she is. It’ll not be good for our present relationship.” I said firmly.

“Okay. Tell me about her then. How is she? What is she like?” he asked.


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“She. That girl is magic. She makes broken looks beautiful and strong looks invincible. You know buddy nothing is more beautiful than a girl who is confident. She always carries a confidence with her and is proud of the way she is and is comfortable in her own skin. She embraces herself and isn’t afraid to be herself. And with her career, she is passionate about her goals and desires and hustles for it!

Have I told you about her smile? It’s like a shower of pearls. Yes, that smile can do magic. Her eyes are as deep as an ocean and as expressive as anything. The honesty in everything she says reflects in her eyes. Pure, honest and clean. Meet her for the first and you’ll think that I’m exaggerating. But know her once and you’ll know that words aren’t enough to describe her.

She’s optimistic and never lets people around her feel low or down. A girl is truly beautiful when she is emotionally attractive. And I can say that she truly is beautiful. At times she has a child like attitude, sounds strange doesn’t it? But trust me that childish attitude looks beautiful on her.

We two share a great bond. In fact she has that ability to create chemistry with the people around her. She calms me down whenever I get angry on stupid things. She beats me, gets angry with me, abuses me a lot, but at the end, she’s always with me. We don’t talk the whole day. Sometimes we don’t talk for days, but she is there for me whenever I need her.
In the words of Cassandra Clare ‘I’m catastrophically in love with her.’ ” I said, with a smile on my face.


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“Behenchodd.. chodd.. chodd.. chodd….”(Of fuck… fuck… fuck) Eddy said, “propose to her madarchod.”(propose to her motherfucker)

“I told you that I can’t.” I said.

“But why?” he asked.

“She is very happy the way we are. And just wants to be like this. Doing anything else is gonna destroy this thing between us and I don’t wanna lose her ever.” I said.

“Are you serious?” Eddy said.

“Yep. Her happiness is my priority, now and forever. May be this is what is called Love.” I said.

“Fuck.” He replied.

“Come on mofo, class is gonna start.” I said and we left.

Love isn’t about making that one person yours. It is about providing all the happiness you can to the one and doing anything to make the one happy.


To be Continued…


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