And That’s How It Was Meant To Be


And That’s How It Was Meant To Be

Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope everything is good. Here’s my next work, another story series, about a girl who have a dream to pursue her career. Hope you all like this too.

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And That’s How It Was Meant To Be – Part 1


“Mom, I have finished all the work in kitchen.” Shalini said to her mother in law.
“Great. Come let’s watch TV now.” She replied.
“But Mom, I want to say something.” She said
“What is it? Say.” She replied.
“Actually Mom, I want to go for a job.” She said.

Her mother in law became furious listening to that.

“Why? What’s the need? Akshat earns well enough. What else do you need?” She said a bit loudly.
“I want a job. I can’t be at home all day doing these household chores. I’ve done fashion designing and I want to do a job now.” She replied in the same tone.
“The females of our house aren’t allowed to go out of our house and go for a job.” Her mother in law said.
“But why? Why am I not allowed to go out? After all, it’s my passion. I can’t let my hard work go in vain. I want to go for a job and that’s it.” She shouted.
“So you are ordering me now. Who are you to order me?”

Her mother in law came in form to fight with her.

She was no less, she replied, “I am your son’s wife mother-in-law and also I am a resident of this republic and I am allowed to do whatever I want.”

“Shut up. Is this what your parents have taught you? To argue with your mother in law like this, to shout on her.”

Her mother in law put on the emotional card ahead.

“Is this what all you typical mother in laws can say when you are nothing left to argue and prove your point true? Great. When you know you were on the wrong side, just involve my parents in the argument. But let me tell you, my parents
have never taught me to tolerate such injustice. They have always taught me to stand against such problems. And I am doing exactly what my parents have taught me.” She said.
“Akshat only will take care of you.” Her mother in law said and went away.
In the evening when Akshat came back to home, he heard a sobbing voice from the drawing room. He went there and found out that it was his mother. He dropped his bag down and went to her.
“What happened? Why are you crying? What happened?” He asked.

She wiped her tears as she saw him and said, “Nothing son. Go change your clothes. Let’s have dinner. You must be hungry.”

“But maa, what happened to you? What made you cry?” He asked.
“Nothing son. Let’s go.” She said.
“No. No one is going anywhere. Answer me first.” He said firmly.

“I had an argument with Shalini in the afternoon and she shouted at me. She said that she want to go for a job and I just said that ladies of our house don’t go for job and she started shouting.” She said while crying, “But son don’t say anything to her. She isn’t mature enough. She will understand gradually.”
“Okay. I will look into that.” He said, “Come on. Let’s have dinner.”

Next morning, Akshat was getting ready for office and Shalini said, “It’s Saturday Akshat, where are you going?”
“I have a meeting in office. I’ll be back by afternoon.” He replied.
“Okay.” After a little pause, “Actually I want to talk to you.” She said.
“Say. What is it?” He asked.
“Akshat actually I want to go for a job now.” She said.
“But Maa doesn’t like it.” He replied politely.
“But I can’t live according to maa, Akshat. I always follow whatever she says, but I can’t ruin my career now.” She almost shouted.
“Don’t talk to me like that Shalini, you know I don’t like it.” Akshat replied

To Be Continued…


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