And That’s How It Was Meant To Be – Part 2

And That’s How It Was Meant To Be – Part 2

Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope everything is good. Here’s the next part of the story ‘And That’s How It Was Meant To Be’ series, about a girl who have a dream to pursue her career. Hope you all like this too.

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And That’s How It Was Meant To Be – Part 2


“Okay. I am sorry, but I wanna go for a job.” She said a bit calmly.
“You had an argument with maa yesterday on this topic and you shouted at her.” Akshat said.
“Yeah but she was the first one to shout. She said that women of our home are not allowed to go out for job.” She said angrily.
“Yeah she is right. But don’t you think that instead of shouting you must have tried to convince her.” Akshat asked.
“Yeah, but she started shouting. I can’t tolerate that.” She said.
“But that’s my mother. What will you lose if you listen to her scolding quietly for a few minutes? She will calm down after sometime.” He said.
“Self-respect.” She replied, “I can’t tolerate being scolded by anyone for no reason. Why will I listen to her? I haven’t done anything wrong. You know me. I can’t tolerate this.” She replied furiously.
“But you have to, now.” He said.
“I won’t Akshat. I can’t.” She said.
“This isn’t a family thing Shalini. You have to adjust sometimes according to your family.” He said.
“Then let’s leave.” She said.
“Leave what?” He asked.
“This house. Let’s go to the flat you bought last month. What’s the use of living among such people around whom you have to fake yourself?” She said.
“Are you serious Shalini? You know what you’re saying right?” He said angrily.
“Yes let’s leave her alone and shift there.” She said. And BAM!!!, he slapped her. She fell down towards the almirah, her face hit the corner and a tooth fell on the floor from her mouth.
“You are free to go now. You don’t belong to this house. Go to that flat. I will send you the papers both of the flat and of divorce.” He said and left.

Shalini was sitting on the floor, crying and trying to realise what had just happened. She stood up after 5 minutes and left the house. She didn’t took
anything with her except for the keys of the flat.

She started walking towards the flat but hundreds of thoughts were running in a mind. ‘What did she did wrong? Was standing up for her right wrong? Is the Desire of pursuing a career wrong?‘ She was thinking about Akshat, his promises to stay with her always. He always knew about her madness, that she can say anything, anytime. She
doesn’t think before speaking anything. But he knew her, he had promised that he will control her, hold her, correct her, but never leave her. What about that promise? But now it seems like he was a poem she once knew before; that only
sounds familiar but is utterly incomprehensible.

She was remembering those incidents when they were both together and happy. She remembered how he corrected her every time she did something wrong. She remembered how he was
there when she fell for the wrong guy, which later ditched her for another girl. How he held her and made her understand what was right. She remembered the time she started falling for him, for his charm and his ability to hold and
understand her. She knew that she was wrong this time too, but what happened to Akshat? He was a sensible guy, he loved her, he had promised to correct her every time she was wrong. They had decided that she will continue to make
mistakes and he will correct her, forever. But, maybe, that’s how it was meant to be, her forever existed, his didn’t; that ‘Forever’ was a promise, ‘Never’ knew would be broken.
Emerged in her thoughts, she reached the flat. Her cat, which they usually kept with the guard of the building, because Akshat’s mother didn’t like pets,
followed her to the flat. She was still and expressionless. She went inside the flat and lie down on the bed. After sometime, she opened her bleary eyes, when the cat all seven pounds of screaming flesh, climbed onto her belly. Squinting into sunlight streaming in from the open window, she discovered that she was now the weary possesser of a pounding headache, and at some point, have managed to lose both a tooth and a spouse.
She realized that she was now nothing to her everything, to the guy who made
her realise that you feel an odd sense of freedom when you accept that you are not born to please everyone. She remembered all those moments between her and Akshat which were now mere memories. She got up and remembered that
she wasn’t born to please anyone. She decided to pursue her dream, her career.
She knew that everything that had happened till that day was now over, and she had to start afresh. She followed what his love said, “Do what your heart says.
She stood up, turned her laptop on and started looking for a job. After 2 hours of search, she had applied in 7 companies. She turned her laptop off and again got lost in the memories of Akshat. Ten minutes later, her phone buzzed. She
picked it up and was highly surprised…

To Be Continued…


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