My First Blog


My First Blog

OK.. So finally, I am writing a blog.

I have been thinking for last half an hour that what should I write, its my first blog after all, need to be very impressive for the readers. And then a thought hit me, every new writer must have been going through the same thoughts, same ideas, same topics. Because when you start writing, you want yourself to be noticed, you want people to know you, you want to be famous, you want… such things, but yeah, not free, you want to earn everything, earn the respect, the fame you think you are capable of getting.

A lot of people start thinking about the things, the topics on which they must write, the topic must be unique and attractive too, so as to get as many readers as possible. And getting stuck in all these thoughts they get confused and drop the idea of writing, thinking that it isn’t their cup of tea. But it’s not true. Trust me guys, I am one of you. And it has been over 3 years for me of thinking to write a Blog or a novel. And at last, today I am writing a blog.

You need not be very creative or thoughtful when you wanna be a writer, you just need to understand the audience and know how to share or convey your feelings to the audience. Be simple, be you, never try to over do things, it will just spoil the things. Write what you are feeling at the instant. And for people like me, who get ideas on odd occasions, and forget those things when you are about to write, always keep a note pad with you and a pen, or note app in your phone and write whenever you get ideas, so that you can elaborate the ideas you got when you go to write later on. This is what I have been doing from the past few weeks, yeah, got the idea after 3 years, strange isn’t it. And 1 more thing, read as many novels, books, etc. as you can, this will increase your language skills and vocabulary and will also increase your range of thoughts.

So guys, this was my first blog. Surely, loving it, will write regularly now.
Take Care Everyone. 

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