And This is what is called Love – 4


And This is what is called Love – 4

Hey guys, I’m back with the fourth part of the much loved story, talking about true and one sided love. Hope you all like it too.
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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.


Dear Journal,

Today I met her, after a long time. We met at another function. And obviously she was looking gorgeous. How do I describe her look, every time I try to do that, I fall out of words. You know there are certain things that make your mind calm and relaxed, her smile is one of those. Only thing I remember from the last night is her smile, because I was just looking at it or may be because that was the only thing I saw, for that was just a dream. Yep, a dream, I met her in my dream, or I would say, in one of my most beautiful dreams.

Isn’t it amazing, that how your mind is able to image a girl that you’ve met only once in your life. After my cousin’s wedding, I’ve only seen her pictures, still the way my mind pictured her, with every detail and with the same charm and charisma, was just perfect.

Every time I look at her, I fall for her even more. She is like a city I’ve never been to, and yet, it feels like it’s where I belong. I know we can never be together. But I’ve to say, it is a beautiful thought. May be, too beautiful to be true. So somehow in dreams or memories, I’m completing our incomplete story.

Chahe kitna bhi gam ho, hamari aankh se ashk nahi girne dete vo,
Na jaane kab unki is parvaah se mohabbat ho gayi.

The most caring lady I have in my life is my mom and she just resembles my mom. From constantly asking about my studies to not let me be online on social media for long, from forcing me to take medicine whenever I fall ill to calming me down whenever I’m tensed, in every ups and downs, she is always there.

She is the most perfect human being I’ve ever seen. She is studious, she is calm, she is motivated, she is cool, she is beautiful, she is optimistic, she is a great listener, and what not. The least interesting thing about her is that she is gorgeous. You know I just love seeing her smile, it brightens my day every time.

But i guess there is nothing that I can do here. I’m not thinking about future but our present together. Because sometimes you just want to leave things to fate.



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