Compañero – The Girl I Love

Compañero – The Girl I Love

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope everything is good. Here’s goes the eighth part of Compañero. Hope you all like this too.

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The Girl I Love

I was so lost in my thoughts that I forgot looking at the way and my scooty hit a girl crossing the road. She fell down and got a sprain in her right leg. I got off my scooty and helped her get up. As soon as she got up and I looked around, I found that the people around there surrounded us. The girl along with some people started cursing me. I reacted like I can’t see those people and said, “Hey, I’m sorry. I know it’s my mistake, come, let me take you to a doctor.”

I took her to the nearest hospital where the doctor applied some ointment on her leg, and gave her pain killers.

“See what you did.” She said.

“I am really very sorry. Actually I was..”

“What sorry? What will I do now? Now you’ll get a punishment.”

“Aah.. Alright.”


“And your punishment is that you’ll help me deliver orders.”

“What orders?”

“I am a delivery girl in a restaurant. Those orders.”

“But I..”

“No excuses. You’ve to do this now. With this leg I can’t do anything.”

“Okay. Take my number.”

We exchanged our mobile numbers and she texted me her address. I postponed my suicide plan to 1-2 weeks, till she gets okay.

Next morning I went to the texted address, Maria’s, the place we’re sitting right now.

A simple, sweet and sober love story: And That’s How It Was Meant To Be

She came and we went to deliver all the orders. And while roaming around the city to deliver the orders I came to know that she was born and brought up in Goa. When she was 16, her family shifted to Delhi. At 19, her whole family, her mother father and her brother died in a car accident. She was all alone after that and then her mother’s friend Aunt Maria took care of her and 3 months later she started delivering food for her. She had a roommate Ani, who was her best friend too, and with whom she shared everything. And Ani is the girl who took the order.

When she was done with her story, she asked for mine. I was a loser at that time, had nothing to tell her so I started ignoring what she was saying. She got mad at this and said, “I know this is your punishment but that doesn’t mean that you’ve to spend it like this. It’s always upto you how you spend your moments in life. Some moments are happy, some are sad, some are difficult and some are as worse as you’d want to kill yourself. But it’s always upto you how to react. If you keep your head up and always keep smiling, problems will run away themselves. Remember you idiot, whenever in a problem, don’t look for solutions. Instead, look for positivity, solutions tumhare charan pakad lenge.”

Those lines hit me. I smiled, thanked her and dropped her back to her home.

Next morning I went to her home again, but this time with a smile on my face. I said a hi to her and took her to delivery.

A poem for you long lost Best Friend – I Miss You

That day I told her about my family and everything related to me before I came to Delhi.

3 days later, after I dropped her to her home, I came back to my room to find out that my roommate had already left for his work. I had no other place to stay so I thought to go to the nearby park to spend the night. But as I was about to enter the park gate, she called me. I turned back to see a princess was standing behind me. They were returning from a party.

“What are you doing here?” She said.

“Actually my friend works in a night shift and I got late with your deliveries and he left for the job. So I’ve no other place to stay except this park.”

“Why? Come to my place!”

“Are you crazy Shivi?” Ani said.

“Why?” Shivangi asked.

“Aunt Maria will kill us both if she found that a boy is staying in our room.”

“But what if he don’t stay in our room?”

“Then where?”

“Terrace. He can spend his night at the terrace.”

“Yeah. That certainly can happen.”

Then I at first tried to say a no, but then I agreed, because obviously who’d want to spend a night in a park. So we went to their house, they showed me the way to terrace. I went there and sat on the swing kept there. Ten minutes later, Shivangi came with a pillow, a mattress, and 2 cups of coffee.

“Here’s everything you’ll need this night.” She said.

“And this coffee will kill my sleep.”

“I know. But if I didn’t get you this coffee, I would’ve lost another chance to talk to you.”

“Oh! I see.”

“Yeah. You see.”

I smiled and looked at her.

A poem written from the core of my heart to touch yours: Aakhir Kyu

“So tell me about yourself now.” She said.

“I wanted to be a writer.”

“Great man!”

“Yeah. May be. But dreams don’t always come true.”

“Why? They do. Why are you saying like this?”

“I told you that I came to this city 2 years ago. Till then I’ve written 3 manuscripts, but none of them has impressed any publisher in the city. To write was a dream, my parents supported me, sent me here, but I just can’t write upto that level.”

“And what about your fourth manuscript?”

“After two years and three manuscript rejections why would I write a fourth?”

“Why wouldn’t you? May be it is meant to be like this. May be your fourth will be your first! You can’t lose hope like this. Be a warrior! Get up and fight.”

“I can’t. I’m not good enough.”

“Why are you saying like this dude! Okay, tell me a story.”


“Yeah. Tell me a story and I’ll decide if you’re good enough or not.”

“You’re crazy, you know.”

“I know that. Tell me a story.”

And I told her the story Anything For You, which I’ve now published on my site. After listening to it, she said, “Dude! You were right. You’re not upto that mark.”

I got sad and said, “Yeah, I know.”

“Gosh!! You’re way above it. You’re too good idiot. Just be confident. I believe your fourth manuscript will be a best selling novel.”

I got smile back on my face. I was way too happy, so happy that I hugged her. And that was the first time I’d touched her. She hugged me back. That hug was compassionate, relaxing and warm. I felt special, secured and loved in her arms. Those were the moments I was first experiencing what love is!

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