Compañero – You’re Not “Heart Broken”

Compañero – You’re Not “Heart Broken”

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope everything is good. Here’s goes the sixth part of Compañero. Hope you all like this too.

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You’re Not “Heart Broken”


“So, now when I’ve told you so much. Tell me your break up story.”

“You really wanna listen to it?”

“Yeah. Though, I think our first call should not be the time we discuss that perspective. But again, I wanna know more about you. So, yes. Go ahead. Tell me.”

“Oh! Okay. So actually we were in the same school and in the same class. We came in relationship after the school ended. Things were going good in the first year, we met sometimes, talked quite a lot and everything was lovely in that relationship.”


“Yeah. But after the first year, I don’t know what happened, to me or to him, but things changed. We started fighting. Though we used to fight earlier too, but it wasn’t like that. Our fights increased, and as the days passed, he used to hurt me more and more, not physically, but mentally. When this became a routine, I called him to meet and fix all this, sort out everything. I wanted to save my relationship, but he refused. With moist eyes I begged after him, but he said no. Two days later, he called me to meet. And I said yes; such a stupid I was.”

“Yes you were.”


Another Love Story: Just Me And You


“Yeah. So, then I went on to meet him. And I started putting up everything in front. I wanted to clarify each and everything. He was listening to me initially and then he was seemingly bored. He was looking on his right when I asked him ‘Anurag, are you listening?’ And then he burst; he started shouting at me, there, in a public place. And than, BAM!! came a slap..”

“What! He slapped you.. disgusting man!!”

“Hey, mister, wait. I’m a story teller now. Don’t disturb me. And BAM! came a slap on the face of love. Till then, love was trying to save the relationship, but at that moment, love was standing there, unable to utter a word, getting raped at the hands of lust. Love had surrendered itself. But then, self respect came to it’s rescue. I shouted ‘ENOUGH!!’. He was awestruck. He always thought that he can behave as he wish, with me. And it was obvious because love always stood ahead of self respect, but when love was about to die, self respect had to come to the rescue. I left that place immediately and after that day I never saw or texted him. I saw him at the marriage after that, 4 long years.”

“Good! Good! Very good! You’re awesome you know. The decisions you made initially were absurd. But that final decision was good. It would’ve been better if it was a slap instead of that ‘ENOUGH!!’.”

“I too think so now.”

“And what after that?”


A simple, sweet and sober love story: And That’s How It Was Meant To Be


“That incident changed me. I was more responsible, hard working and determined. Always careful about whom to talk. I chose people who were around me, never let people come close to me. I’ve changed quite a lot you see. Earlier, I was that ambivert girl, always smiling, hearty, and you know like those, happy-go-lucky types of people. And now, I’m an introvert, keep things to myself, talk less. You see, how things change, what I was and now, here I lie, with this broken heart.”

“Listen, everything you said was good. But let me tell you, yours isn’t a broken heart. You might have loved him with all your might, but not with all your heart. Love is a very big thing you see. And you didn’t love him, you liked him. And also, such beautiful things are never meant to be broken, they are meant to be stay as beautiful as they are and and being cherished by the right one.”

“Ahaa! And what makes you say that it wasn’t love.”

“I know miss. I know. Love is a very big thing, it can’t happen with such people. It’s a bliss, a heavenly feeling.”

“So you’ve experienced it. Haven’t you?”

“But you haven’t. You liked him. And remember my love, your heart isn’t broken. And you don’t need to choose people to surround…”

“Don’t change the topic sir. Who was she?” She said mischievously.

“I’m not changing the topic but let me complete.”

“Okay okay.”


A poem for you long lost Best Friend – I Miss You


“You need not limit people to surround yourself with or talk to. Do that with everyone, just make sure that not everyone gets a place close to your heart. Because with what you’re doing at present will keep the fake people away, but it’ll also make you lose some genuine people.”

“Okay. Thanks. Thanks a lot for this.”

“No need for thanks miss!”

“Okay then. Tell me now.”


“Who was she?”

“She Who?”

“The girl you loved.”

“No one.”

“NO. There is someone, I know. Tell me no.”

“Areee, but there’s nothing to tell you.”

“Okay. So you don’t want to tell me anything.”


“No. It’s alright if you don’t see me as a good friend.”

“It’s not like that. Hey, are you crazy.”

“Then tell me.”

“I’ll tell you when we meet.”


“Yeah my love. I promise.”

“Better. Okay now, goodnight. It’s getting late and you should not talk to a girl at this hour.”

“Hahaha!! Okay Miss.”


“Goodnight. Take care.”

“You too.”

“And meet me soon.”

“Come at my place now.”

“Umm.. that’s too soon actually.”

“Haha! Okay then. Saturday?”

“Yeah. Done.”

“Great. Saturday. Come and pick me up at 7 from my place.”

“But I don’t know where you live.”

“I’ll send you the address love.”

“Oh! Alright. I’ll be there.”

“See you.”

“Yeah. Bye.”


And that beautiful call ended. I had a smile on my face and a sense of relief. But my heartbeat rose….

If one “Bad person” took entry in your life and ruined it to the extent that you no longer believe in love, then trust me, you never loved that person too, because love is not like this. Love gives you happiness, a charm, a glow; love is a bliss. So don’t limit yourself, let love enter your life.

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