Compañero – The Wait Is Over!

Compañero – The Wait Is Over!

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope everything is good. Here’s goes the fifth part of Compañero. Hope you all like this too.

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The Wait Is Over!


As soon as the mobile turned on again, I dialed her number.


“The number you’re trying to reach is busy. Please call again later.” The computerized voice said.

“Has she blocked me now? Is she pissed off with me? Oh God! this battery problem. What next? Gosh!!!” I thought as I started to pull my hair.

“But, wait. What if she’s calling me?”

I stopped panicking and waited for her call.

After 5 minutes of wait, I started panicking again.

“Am I seriously blocked?”

I called her again, and this time, it rang. I took a sigh of relief.

5 rings down the line, she picked up the call.

“Hey! What happened?” She asked

“Nothing. Actually my phone battery went dead and when I turned it on again, you were busy.” I replied.

“I was calling you only, idiot.”

“I thought that too, but I waited for 5 minutes after that but you didn’t called.”

“And I thought you were trying to call me so I stopped.”

“Gosh! This misunderstanding.”

“Hell yeah! So now tell me. Why didn’t you called me earlier?”

“You’ll call me crazy after this, but the thing is, that I was nervous and just wasn’t sure to call you or not. I thought that it might be “What happens in Goa, stays in Goa” for you, or something else, because I was expecting a goodbye.”

“I told you no, I had to catch..”

“I’ve got to know that now. I didn’t know this before no madam.”

“Yeah. Right.”



Another Love Story: Just Me And You


“But, why? You need not think this much before calling anyone. You seriously are crazy.”

“That’s nothing. You know, in the morning, when I found out that I don’t have your contact, I ran to Krishnan. And I entered his room without even knocking. And they were about to kiss when I entered the room.”


She burst into laughter.


“And I didn’t even reacted to it and asked for you.”

“Hahaha!! You seriously are very crazy.”

“Crazy enough to fall for you.”

“God! Your flirting skills!”

“Are awesome. I know.”

“Haha! Yeah.”

“And then I got your number, but I just couldn’t make up my mind to call you.”

“Idiot. You can call me anytime.”

“I’ve got to know that now. No future problems.”

“Gosh! You leave me speechless.”

“You leave me mesmerizing.”

“Damn! You can take out those cheesy dialogues from anything no.”

“Yeah. Most probably.”

“What? Seriously? God!”


And she started laughing. I was once again listening to that heart warming sound of her laughter which seem like music to me.


“So when are we meeting?”

“As soon as I get time. I told you my schedule, too busy you know.”

“Yeah yeah, I know. But take out time soon and tell me. I’m not always free either.”

“Haha! For sure love.”

“You escaped one question that night.”

“Which one?”

“How many girlfriends you’ve had?”


“What the hell! You’re counting.”

“Haha! No babes. I’m purely single till date.”

“Are you serious? No girlfriend?”

“Yep. You heard it right. No girlfriend.”

“You’re such a big flirt, have awesome personality, and what not. Then why no girlfriend?”


A simple, sweet and sober love story: And That’s How It Was Meant To Be


“Wait. Let me blush first.”

“Haha! You’re so cute.”

“I know.”

“I was kidding.”

“You weren’t. I know that too.”


“So actually, whenever I get in contact with a girl, I try to get friends with her and then gradually make the bond stronger.”


“Yeah. So, the first thing I look for in a girl is a best friend, and then, after getting to know her completely, I’ll see how we’re as a couple.”

“So how many best friends you’ve?”


“Good lord!”


“How? I mean why?”

“No one has actually stayed.”

“So, it’s not only the problem for girls.”

“Haha! No. It’s a universal problem.”


“I had once developed a pretty strong bond with a school mate.”

“What then?”

“She was my best friend for a couple of years. She was just perfect as she was. But I don’t know what happened after that. I was quite busy with some work in my second year of graduation and didn’t talked to anyone. My equations changed with quite lot of people after that. She was one among them.”

“And how do you know that it’s really over.”

“She don’t care anymore. No matter what I do, what I’m going through, she didn’t react to anything like before. Things changed drastically and so did my life, after that.”

“You don’t talk to her now?”

“I do. Sometimes. After all, she is the girl I once loved a lot.”

“So sweet Adi!”

“Hmm. Yeah.”

“What’s her name?”

“Prachi Sharmistha”

“Nice name.”

“She was way nicer.”

“You still love her no.”

“Yes. But I love her the way she was, not what she became.”

“Everyone changes.”

“True. But you just can’t afford to lose your sweetness.”



You’ll face many situations in life where you’ll be challenged, challenges that’ll force you to question your true self and will force you to change. But you must always remember that changing according to the circumstances doesn’t mean that you’ll have to lose your sweetness, charm and charisma. Always Be As You Are.


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