Compañero – The Beautiful World.. And You!

Compañero – The Beautiful World.. And You!

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DISCLAIMER: ALL NAMES AND INCIDENTS ARE FICTITIOUS, blah blah and more blah is mere co-incidence.

Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope everything is good. Here’s my next work, second part of Compañero. Hope you all like this too.

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Link for Part 1 – Compañero – Am I Dreaming?


The Beautiful World.. And You!


As she started walking on the sand, she exclaimed, “Woah! It’s cold.”

“Wine has increased your senses miss.” I said and we both started laughing.

It was the first time in my life that I wasn’t high on alcohol or weed; it was her perfume instead. As the wind started making her hair hit my face and her aroma was making me feel on the top of the world, I was just thanking god for making me live that moment, for making me be in that situation, walking on the beach with an angel.

People love the walk on sunsets, and on the other hand, I prefer walking after sunset, when the sun is down and the darkness is taking the place, but it isn’t too dark, it starts getting cold but it isn’t too cold, the last flock of birds going back to their homes and most importantly, less crowd.

I was amazed of how easy was to pick up chicks at wedding. I pinched myself, and yes, it wasn’t a dream.

We continued our walk with “what’s” and “how’s” of life. And what went totally amazing was that we didn’t got any calls, my friends were making sure that we didn’t got disturbed; they were following the “Bro Code”.

After sometime we went back to the party and sneaked back again with food plates in our hands.

I looked at my watch watching that I’m not noticed, 10:09, it showed. I didn’t want to let her feel that I was uninterested in the conversation. We lost track of the time and it was getting late, but I didn’t want to be the one to say “Let’s go”, all I wanted that moment was to freeze the time.


Another Love Story: Just Me And You


“Can you wait with me for another hour or so?” She asked and I pinched myself again, and yeah, it was all real.

We came to the edge of the beach where the sand ended and rocks began, rising atop and amalgamating into mountains. Beneath the rock on which we sat, was dark, but the water ahead of it was making the perfect and beautiful reflection of the moon which was glowing it’s brightest.

“You know, I was not at the engagement.” She quips in suddenly, breaking my ocean of thoughts at the exact moment a strong wave hits the rocky surface, water splashes up and wets our feet.

I look at her and she has the same enchanting smile she has kept throughout.

“I don’t even know which Sneha you were talking about.” This time her smile gives a way to giggle and I stare at her with an even more dumbfounded look.


A simple, sweet and sober love story: And That’s How It Was Meant To Be


After a brief silence, she stares ahead and whispers softly.

“Actually, I wanted to get away from that place, and away from the thoughts of my ex-boyfriend, who was at the wedding”, She looked back towards me, this time with a compassionate expression on her face.

At this moment, I wanted to say something, but the words refused to come out. My brain was doing its best to process the tiny shocks she was giving in every sentence she spoke.

“I just liked your courage.” Her eyes held a truth which was hard to negate, “But then, as we walked, I realized how amazing a person you are, our thoughts converged, our footsteps aligned and now, I find myself sitting here with you and I have no idea about the time.”  She started with a convincing tone which became a laughter as she looked at her wristwatch.

“Almost midnight” I replied and the meteor shower begin. The sky lighted up and so did our faces. Our eyes were transgressed and transfixed, she slowly slide her palm and rest on mine.

“Everything is so beautiful here. This late night moon, it’s reflection here in the water, this soothing wind, this beautiful world.. and you.” I said holding her hand and moved close to her.

Compañero – Chapter 3 – And She’s Gone!

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